ARTS CENTRE: Chris Addison – The Time Is Now Again

chris addisonA MAN THAT many now associate with Mock the Week and The Thick Of It came to life on Aberystwyth Stage earlier this month. His stand up was a refreshing outburst of middle class humour as he bounds around the stage, something that I feel is not fully appreciated in his TV appearances. Covering topics from; topical issues of the day, to politics and the Royals, to advertising, his professional performance came through with the experience of over a decade’s worth of stand up behind him.

He brings together excellent wit and youthful enthusiasm, despite him being 41 (-still surprises me now)! He gets the crowd hooked into the likeability and laugh out loud material performed in such a passionate way. He mixed his act between using safe material and more outrageous jibes.

A remark that stood out, “the press need a new Diana to replace the one they broke,” shows how he uses observations from life, showing how he is a skilled comedian to make us consider how tabloids misrepresent things.

Along with his humour revolving around current affairs, he frequently brought the audience to the forefront better than I’ve seen many comedians do in recent years. Most comedians tend to have a bit of a laugh at the front row’s expense, yet his interaction with not only just the front row, but all over the theatre was admirable and absolutely hilarious. Addison was able to use his improvisation experience to bounce off  the questions that he prompted audience members with in order to personalise the show with topics such as the lies that your parents told you.

Overall it was a highly enjoyable evening. Although the set is nothing new, Addison’s performance comes into his own due to his enthusiasm, intelligence and personality. The show is very funny which is the key thing for a comedy performance, I came away very satisfied with the nights entertainment. I am sad this will be his last tour, as I would have very much liked to have seen him again.