Students warned to vacate Boar’s Head Development before demolition


The site before development began

RESIDENTS of the development at the former site of the Boar’s Head pub have been served a notice to vacate the property before it is demolished.

The property consists of two buildings and currently houses around 50 students, some of whom may have signed for a two-year contract.

The notice reportedly informs all residents that the development will be demolished due to planning permission problems, and warns them that they must vacate before the 18th June or appeal the decision.

According to a council spokesperson, two Enforcement Notices have been served on the landowner of the two buildings at the site, as the development was constructed without appropriate planning permission. The notices have been served in an attempt to remedy the situation, hence the referral to the demolition.

When the former pub was being developed into 10 flats by accountant Geraint Dafis in early 2012,  suspended when an enforcement notice was served by Ceredigion’s planning control officers on the grounds that it was not in accordance with the plans which were approved by the council’s planning committee.

At a town council meeting held in July 2012,  councillors stated that they believed planning regulations pertaining to the whole development were “flouted and ignored from the very beginning making a mockery of the rules that everyone else has to conform to [sic]”, and emphasised that there is a “total lack of adequate parking associated with this application in an already massively overdeveloped part of Aberystwyth.”

As of the 9th May, the landowner had not appealed against the notices although it is understood a hearing is to be held on Monday (13th) at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court.

Ceredigion County Council has confirmed that it is not the Council’s intention to demolish the buildings.