250 protesters link arms to “protect” Arts Centre

AROUND 250 protesters linked arms and circled Aberystwyth Arts Centre in a protest today.

Dressed in red, the protesters stood in silence for around ten minutes.

The group, which mainly consisted of local residents, were protesting the decision by Aberystwyth University to suspend Director Alan Hewson and Operations Manager Auriel Martin.

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Aber Student Media understand that the suspensions are connected to the Black House event held at the centre in February, which made national headlines after the police stopped the music in the Great Hall to search for a mother who had been spotted carrying a baby.

A security log obtained by ASM under the Freedom of Information Act lists numerous incidents that occurred during the evening the event was held, including drug use, an attempted burglary, an attack on University staff and several fights.

Local artist Stephen West said “Today’s protest was really called ‘Injustice’ – we’re expressing a feeling of injustice. Hundreds of people turned up today to ring the Arts Centre because of the actions of the University, which we feel are against the Arts Centre.”

West called for the investigation in the pair to be conducted as quickly as possible.

There was no official response to the action from the University and no University staff were present in an official capacity.