Open letter from course reps regarding “request to resign” to the President and Education Officer


Photo: Matt Robbins

The following letter has been received from several course representatives regarding the decision by the Board of Trustees of the Students’ Union to request the resignation of President Ben Meakin and Education Officer Jess Leigh.

To: the Board of Trustees,

Having learned of your decision to ask for the resignation of Ben Meakin & Jess Leigh, we feel the need to voice our support for them.

Ben Meakin & Jess Leigh have given two years service to the Union, bringing financial stability back to the organisation and defending the rights of students in the face of University re-structuring.  For them to resign now would put the day-to-day running of the Union, and the students it represents, in jeopardy. Not to mention severely disadvantage the officers-elect who would not receive a proper handover.

We also find the reasoning behind your asking for resignations to be flawed. The NUS returning officer, with vast experience of student elections, declared that the early running of the count had no effect on there being `free and fair’ elections. This decision was also made behind closed doors, with no student consultation whatsoever. We therefore believe that the decision, by so few of you, to ask for resignations is not representative of the student body.

The Board of Trustees have no power to demand resignations and this move appears to be an attempt to cover their mishandling of the elections process as a whole. We disapprove of this scapegoating.

We, as Senior Course Representatives, working with Ben & Jess; in no way support your decision.

Will Atkinson (Science Faculty Representative)

Phillip Clement (Arts Faculty Representative)

Alex Fairbairn (Social Science Faculty Representative)

Grace Burton (Interpol/Education Officer-Elect)

Katie Jones (CompSci)

Jennifer O’Neill (IMAPS)

Peter Gosiewski (TFTS)

Callum Tapper (IGES)

Craig Price (SELL)

Tallis Ward (SMB)

Katie Thompson (CompSci)

Zoe Harris (European Languages)

Kevin Wingfield (IMAPS)

Harry Mullen (Sports & Exercise Science)

Chiranjiv Singh Wasan (TFTS)

Sophie Tumber (IGES)

Isabelle Hamilton (SMB)