RAG jailbreak raises over £2,000 with winners reaching France

jailbreakA JAILBREAK fundraising event organised by Aber RAG (Raising and Giving) saw over £2,000 raised for charity and a total of 1,426 miles travelled.

The challenge saw 6 teams pitched against each other to travel as far as possible from a given location (Aberystwyth Arts Centre) without paying for transport.

The teams were raising money for international development charity Practical Action, which aims to alleviate poverty through use of technology.

The winning team, Blythberg – named after its two members; Hannah Blythen and Jacob Kreyberg, ended up in Vendome, France on Sunday night after a 438-mile journey from Aberystwyth.

After starting from the concourse on Saturday morning, each team had 36 hours to travel as far as possible without spending money on travel, instead relying on lifts and free tickets.

The final destinations for the teams included Liverpool, Lille, Dover, London and Portsmouth.