Students in uproar over May Ball Earlybird ticket hunt

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DETAILS on Earlybird tickets for the May Ball 2013 have been released.

In an effort to make ticket sales “more interesting”, an event has been planned by the Union in the form of an “Easter Egg hunt”. Students have been encouraged to take part in and around the Union building, including the offices at the back of the building, to find members of staff with a May Ball sticker on the badge around their neck.

Students took to social media to express their disappointment with these plans, highlighting the fact that those with accessibility or mobility issues would find it particularly difficult to participate in the rush around the Union to find a member of staff with a ticket. When approached with this question, the Union replied on Twitter that “there won’t be any running, just students exploring the Union :)” .

It was also highlighted that students with mental health or social anxiety issues would find it difficult to participate in the event as the prospect of approaching a member of staff  “that they’ve never met before” could be intimidating.

The hunt is scheduled to take place from 2:00pm to 4:00pm tomorrow (Wednesday 20th March), and whilst there are no scheduled lectures for the afternoon on a Wednesday, some students have responsibilities to societies or sports clubs and would not be able to arrive at the Union at the time the event starts, due to travelling from lectures.

One student described it as like “being penalised £25” and having to “fork over £45”, the total full ticket price. Others brought up their personal experiences with problems that will prevent them from joining in, showing their dissatisfaction with how the event has been planned.

So far, no further information about acts have been released and some students have raised their reluctance to pay the considerable ticket price which the Union have proposed for the event, set at two tiers of £35 and £45, especially considering that the Ball has been moved back to campus this year (more information on that here).

Students with opinions or comments on the event to be held tomorrow are encouraged to contact [email protected]