TV: Lost Girl

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LOST Girl is most definitely worth a watch, and with its third season not premiering in the UK until sometime in March, you’ve got some time to catch up. The stellar cast of characters is slightly unexpected, but instantly lovable. The show’s lead, Bo (Anna Silk), is a succubus – and if that isn’t enough to entice you, then mentioning Kris Holden-Ried (The Tudors) as one of Bo’s series-long squeezes will. It also stars Ksenia Solo as the street-smart human best friend, Kenzi, who will make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry with her non-stop quips. Hale (K.C. Collins), Trick (Richard Howland), and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) round up the cast of regulars, but of course there’s a slew of other great characters that viewers will grow to love and love to hate at any given time.

The basic premise of the show revolves around Bo. She doesn’t know she is a succubus, only that she kills her conquests, but in the first episode she learns what she is – and that there is a whole world of supernatural creatures out there called Fae. Like many shows, it follows a solve-the-puzzle plot-line each episode, but puts a fresh spin on many things – including stories and legends we’ve all been told since childhood. Bo and Kenzi form a duo of investigators who work with both groups of rival Fae (the Light and Dark) as well as humans whenever they’re needed, which always results in mishaps, hilarity, and with the show’s lead protagonist being a succubus – lots of steamy scenes.

Now, I was sceptical at first, thinking it was just another half-witted supernatural show, but it easily became a not-so-guilty pleasure. The Canadian drama is sexy, quirky, and never fails to impress. This show is an extremely fun watch, and while it seems to have an under-the-radar cult following, its cast and crew have won more than a few well-deserved awards for it. The first two seasons were explosive at times and just plain fabulous at others, and – coming from someone who has been able to watch some of season three a bit early – season three is proving to be even greater.