Varsity: Sailing Aber 0 – 3 Bangor

It was an early start to the day for the sailing as preparations of the course and facilities at New Quay Yacht club. The course, which would host three races in total, was a simple triangular course with a traditional upwind start.

Six boats were sailing in total; three from Aberystwyth and three from Bangor. The fleets consisted of two laser 2 boats and one laser Pico for each university respectively. A reasonable force 3-4 blew, gusting force 5. Three laps of the course were completed for each race, with three races in total being held.

The first race launched with a fantastic start from the laser 2 fleet, neck and neck to the first buoy. Bangor gained the edge in the downwind legs and gained further steam in subsequent laps to take first and second place, followed by Aber in third and fourth.

The second race was the best of the day. Strong competition between the lead Bangor boat and Aber’s was clear throughout the entire course, with Bangor taking first, closely followed by Aber, and Bangor in third.
The third race saw the retirement of one of Aber’s laser 2’s due to a snap in the tiller and a hole in the hull, which led to a large surge of water into the hull. The Aber team were in front up until the final lap, when both teams from Bangor stormed ahead to take first and second, with Aber taking third place.

Overall, the day gave a reasonable wind which allowed for a spectacular set of races. Strong competition between the two universities was clear, but Bangor emerged worthy victors.