Students’ Union Spring Elections: The candidates

Aberystwyth University Students' UnionNOMINATIONS for the Students’ Union Spring Elections have closed.

From the 8th February, potential candidates could submit their manifestos and policies they intended to run their campaigns on, and after a 10-day period, nominations closed at midday on February the 18th.

In total, there are 20 positions: 13 Union roles (including five paid full-time Sabbatical officer roles and eight part-time roles which will be performed by students alongside their studies), one position on the Board of Trustees and six NUS Conference Delegate positions (for Wales and UK), 18 of which have candidates running for. The only exceptions are Sustainability & Ethics Officer and Welsh Language Officer.

Following the closure of the nominations period and after the preliminary Candidates’ Briefing (2pm on the 18th), students running for positions were officially allowed to announce their candidacy both verbally and using social media websites, however, they cannot begin officially campaigning until the week leading up to the Elections. This week of public canvassing will begin on March 1st.

On Monday 4th March,  all candidates for the Sabbatical officer positions will take part in Hustings (questions to candidates), which will be held in the Main Room of the Students’ Union, with the Presidential Debate held the following day.

Voting will be held from 8:00 am on March 6th to 7:00 pm on the 7th, with results being announced on the evening of March 7th.

The Union will be using the Transferable Vote system, which means that voters rank candidates in order of preference, instead of just voting for the one they like the most. If one of the candidates gets 50% or more first preferences, they are elected straight away. If no one candidate gets more than 50%, the first-preference votes for the lowest-placed candidates will be redistributed depending on the voters’ next choice of candidate. In this way, a greater proportion of the total vote is used to elect the successful candidate(s) who should, therefore, be more likely to represent the views of the majority of the electorate. The Transferable Vote System can be used to elect a single position such as a Sabbatical or Executive member or several people such as the NUS Conference delegations. For more information on the voting system, visit the Union’s Election Information page here.

An incomplete candidates list has been available on the Students’ Union website since nominations closed. However, this list has been altered several times in the days following its original publication, with some names being added (reportedly due to a problem with the website provider, MSL) before it was confirmed Union staff who would be running for which positions. As of the afternoon of Friday 22nd February, the candidates list been finalised, and is printed below:


Full-time Sabbatical Officers:


Ryan Brown

Guy Drury

Ioan Rhys Evans

David Ingles

M. A. Kaimesan

Zachary Virgo


Welsh Affairs Officer & UMCA President

Jacob Dafydd Ellis

Mared Ifan


Education Officer

Will Atkinson

Grace Burton

Claire James

Andrew Tindall

Adam Tucker

Purna Venkatesan-Ogin


Student Support Officer

Laura Dickens

Rhiannon Morris


Activities Officer

Liv Prewett



Part-time Executive Officers:

Deputy Student Support & Campaigns Officer

Josh James

Ian Plested


Sustainability & Ethics Officer

No candidate


Union Chairperson

Thomas Keane

Craig Price


Welsh Language Officer

No candidate


Non-Portfolio Officer

Jamie Evans


Sports Officer

Adam Curtis

Joshua Tumbridge


Equal Opportunities Officer

Robert Sean Davies


Societies Officer

Mohammed Sa’ad


Postgraduate Student Trustee:

Simon Cameron

Christopher Lloyd-Jones


NUS Delegates:

NUS Wales Conference Delegate:

Will Atkinson

Grace Burton

Laura Dickens

Guy Drury

Josh James

Steffan Storch

Andrew Tindall


NUS UK Conference Delegate:

Will Atkinson

Grace Burton

Laura Dickens

Guy Drury

Josh James

Jess Leigh

Steffan Storch

Andrew Tindall


Further information on each individual full-time officer roles can be found here. The same information regarding the part-time Executive positions can be found here.


Aber Student Media’s regulation on coverage of the Spring Elections is available on our website. In conjunction with this regulation, Guy Drury, Steffan Storch, Grace Burton and any members of their campaign teams that are part of Aber Student Media will not be participating in any coverage of the Elections. Those members who are taking part in coverage an be found listed here.