Dyfed-Powys still the safest place in England and Wales, but comes top for drugs offences

crop DSC07932_2ONCE again, the National Crime Statistics have shown that Dyfed-Powys has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

The report, which was released yesterday (24th Jan) shows that for every 1000 people, 41 crimes are reported, lower than the national average of 68 per 1000 people.

However, a 15% surge in drug offences put Dyfed-Powys above even London’s Metropolitan Police, with 7.2 recorded drug offences per 1000 people as opposed to just 6.9 in London.

This was the highest number of drug offences per 1000 people in England and Wales, and the increase – the highest in the country – beat the national trend of a 7% reduction in drugs crime.

The force continues to have the lowest recorded occurrences of domestic burglary, non-domestic burglary, vehicle crime, general theft, criminal damage and robbery across all of England and Wales.

Although reported offences of fraud and forgery skyrocketed by 44% (the highest such increase in the country) they remained relatively low at 741, or 1.4 per 1000 people.

Reported incidents of violence against the person with injury are ranked 5th lowest, and violence against the person without injury are ranked 9th lowest.

Chief Constable Jackie Roberts said: “It is very pleasing once again to note that the trend of falling recorded crime in our area during recent years has continued during the year ending September 2012. Dyfed Powys Police remains the lowest crime area across England and Wales whilst at the same time it is the most successful in terms of detecting crimes.

“This means that there are less victims of crime in our communities and there is a greater likelihood of offenders being caught.”

View the full data from the Office of National Statistics