May Ball to be held on campus

asu_mayball_2013_a3THIS year’s May Ball is to move from Pontrhydfendigaid, where it has been held in recent years, to Penglais campus.

The May Ball, an annual event put on by the Students’ Union, will be held on Friday 10th May in various locations across Penglais Campus, including the Union, Arts Centre and Chapel Green. Live music will be put on in these venues, and other activities, such as a fairground, will be made available.

Last year, around  £13,000 was spent on transporting students from the University to Pontrhydfedigaid, which is over 15 miles outside of Aberystwyth.

John Glasby, Interim CEO of the Students’ Union, posited that, with the event held locally, the money saved on transport will be spent on acquiring acts to play at the event. It is hoped that the move will also make the event more flexible for students, especially as, without the time constraints of travel, the duration of the event is likely to be increased.

Glasby told Aberystwyth Student Media that ticket prices are likely to stay within the region of previous years (around £40), but that a tiered ticketing system was being considered due to capacity restrictions within certain venues on campus. This would mean that those who pay the higher ticket price will be able to access the Main Stage, the Arts Centre’s Great Hall, which has a maximum capacity of 1200. 2500 tickets are expected to be released.

The full line-up of musical and comedic acts will be announced on Bay Radio, Aberystwyth’s student radio station, in a special May Ball broadcast nearer the time.

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