Getting motivated to work at Christmas

IMG_7831IT IS NOW THE TIME of year where everyone seems to be carefree, sociable and excited for the holidays. With work places finishing up and schools ending for Christmas, all you want to do is go see friends, catch up and celebrate the time of year. But, (yes there always seems to be a but!) exams are not that far away, and even though many of us are warm and cosy at home, there is still work to do.

After finding out that my local library was closed due to refurbishments, I felt my motivation for revising starting to drain away. With very few cafés or public areas I could go to get out of the house, I had to settle that I was to work at home. As a history student I normally have a lot of reading and writing to do, and so with a pile of books ready to be read and my pen ready, all I needed was the motivation to help me start the note making. But nothing appeared- the Internet was too tempting. Although, this time it seemed to be in my favour, with people in the same position and many sites giving you advice of how to stay focused.

From what I’ve seen, there are many techniques that you can do and use to help yourself revise. So I picked the 5 that I thought most useful:


The area that you study in should be comfortable and not with much distraction. I find that listening to music or background noise in general makes it hard for me to take in what I’m reading.

Making notes

Don’t underestimate the scribbled notes you took in the lectures, looking through the most important lectures and writing them out more in depth will help when you come to read over it later.


Many of the departments use Blackboard one way or another, looking back over PowerPoints, or if you’re one of the lucky ones who have you’re lectures recorded, listen over them- you might find something that you missed in the lecture.

Past papers

Although some papers can look daunting to start off with, they can be a vital part of your revision. Seeing how your lecturer/department write and lay out the exam will help you be more prepared before entering the room in January. Also, you can see what parts of the course come up more or less to give you some direction in what to revise more.


As everyone seems to tell me when I stress out, you’re not alone; there are loads of us going to be sitting exams in January. Don’t spend all day revising if you’re feeling tired, you’re just wasting time. Short and often sometimes is better, little thing start sticking. Talk to friends, I bet they are stressing just as much as you, see it as a little treat going to see them.


Even though I know most of you have heard all of this before, I hope it helps, even if it just shows that other will be stressing and panicking once the holidays are over as well! But even just starting a little now will help you once you get back to work after Christmas.