Union becomes first in country to elect rep to local council

Aberystwyth University Students’ Union has become the first Students’ Union in the country to elect a representative to a local council.

Using powers under new Welsh laws, the Union will now be electing a student to sit on Aberystwyth Town Council as a “Community Youth Representative”.

They will be able to receive all the papers that a normal councillor receives, and will be able to speak and ask questions at meetings, but will not have a vote.

Union Chairperson Guy Drury (who is also Deputy Chair of Aberystwyth Student Media, publishers of The Courier) said “I’m delighted that we’ve become the first Union in the country to use this new power. Students are an integral part of Aberystwyth but we also need to recognise that the best relationships with local residents are those where we’re able to sit down and talk things over. This new rep will mean student’s voices are represented like never before, and that local councillors know who to come to when they want to engage students across the town.”