Dead poets and Jäger bombs


Poets, authors and the more realistic creative writers of Aberystwyth have long been crying out for a society that represents them, a group of like-minded people with whom they can discuss artful things like Keats, The Dead Poets Society and the relative merits of Jäger bombs. Or they haven’t, but regardless, that society has come. One of the university’s largest societies, the English and Creative Writing society has this year expanded its range of activities to include poetry slams, poetry readings, film nights and writing competitions, as well as the traditional weekly pub crawl.

Comprising more creative-minded members than you can shake a well-articulated stick at, the society’s ambitious plans have been tailored to the needs of the students this year, with weekly film screenings of both random and course media texts (think Company of Wolves), and with regular poetry readings designed to help students perfect their craft before those looming portfolio deadlines. If you’re not an English student, there’s still plenty on offer, however, such as weekly socials and the chance to sit down and listen to some good old-fashioned (and new-fangled) poetry. Come and join us and see what all the fuss should be about at half past eight at Scholars every Wednesday.