Student convicted following Union altercation

A STUDENT at Aberystwyth University has pleaded guilty to assault after attacking a man in the Union after a dispute about a female student.

Robbie Duffy, 20, a student in the Film and Television Studies Department at Aberystwyth University, was convicted for assaulting Daniel Wotton in the Students’ Union in the early hours of 30th September.

It is reported that Duffy was attempting to speak to a female student whom he had previously kissed, before Mr Wotton pushed him away, allegedly telling him “she’s not interested”. This led to an altercation where Mr Wotton was punched three times around the face.

After the incident, Duffy, who has a previous Caution for Common Assault, admitted to the police that he had consumed a large amount of alcohol that night and insisted he was acting in self-defence, having felt threatened by the victim. However, he also admitted overreacting to the situation.

Defending Duffy, Alan Lewis said that Mr Wotton had taken a “very protective” stance over the female student in question and had made his client feel threatened. “It’s clear that he acted in self-defense… he accepted what he did was unreasonable”. He also emphasised the severity of a conviction of assault for a University student.

Despite his pleas for the charges to be dropped, Magistrates said that Duffy’s admittance of an overreaction wasn’t “good enough” due to his prior caution for the same offence.

He was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay a total of £150 – £460 in compensation, £85 in costs and a £225 penance.

Both the Union and Duffy refused to comment on the matter.