University refuse to comment on “sudden departure” of long-serving Academic Secretary

ABERYSTWYTH University have refused to comment on the “sudden departure” of Alan Macmillan, the long-serving Academic Secretary.

Macmillan, who managed the Academic Office of the University and acted as deputy to the University registrar (who has recently left her role), had been seen as responsible for the timetabling chaos at the start of this year that left students and staff in confusion and some centrally-timetabled spaces double- or triple-booked.

Reports suggest that Macmillan is now on “gardening leave” from the University, although members of staff at the office described him as being on “long-term sick leave”. One source states they observed the Vice-Chancellor helping him to clear his office in the Old College. The office is now reported to be empty.

A University spokesperson at first denied that Macmillan had left due to timetabling issues, and then refused to comment at all “on matters involving staff”.