New 03 service under fire for “poor punctuality” and “overcrowding”

THE NEW 03 SERVICE which operates betwen town, the National Library and University campus, has come under fire from users angry with “poor punctuality”.

The service, which operates using a specially-branded bright green bus, but which is run by Mid Wales Travel, aims to run to a 20-minute timetable.

But since its introduction this year, drivers have regularly complained that it is impossible to complete the route fast enough to arrive at every stop on time.

In the United Kingdom, anybody who advertises a bus service is required by law to run it to the advertised timetable, and must apply for permission to change the times.

The apparent success of the route has also proved problematic, with buses often filling up at the Promenade stop, leaving them too full to pick up passengers at the Town Clock or the bus station.

A spokesperson for Mid Wales Travel said: “This vehicle does have a tracker system on board, and we also have an Operations Manager who is out monitoring different services at different times.

“If the bus is unable to go up Pier Street, this vehicle is diverted to Terrace Road in order to keep the service running. The service should not deviate from the advertised route at any other time.”

A spokesperson for the National Library explained that the 03 bus service is given out to tender by the University. “Mid Wales Travel does not receive any subsidy from NLW or AU. There are no conditions on allowing MWT on to NLW land, however punctuality to the published timetable would quite naturally be expected.”