Sean Morley match report

THE ATMOSPHERE was tangible before the match at Vicarage Fields. Hundreds had gathered to celebrate the life of Sean Morley, and to watch a match between a University Rugby Side that had been assembled to play the Morley Select XV, in which players that Sean had known from home had travelled up to the game to take part.

With the National Library creating an impressive backdrop, Sean’s parents spoke to the players before the game, which heightened the emotional atmosphere around the pitch. Before the match was due to start, both teams led a minute of applause that was joined in by all.

An early try by the University side set the tone for a competitive game, with both sides not holding back and providing an action-packed game for those in attendance. Following this, a long run saw the ball passed backwards to number , who got the first try of the game.This was then followed by a good run, the University winger evading several attempted tackles as he sprinted forward past the halfway line, but was then eventually held up. His efforts were not worthless however, as the ground he gained was put to good use as another try was gained for the University side.

The game overall was played in good spirit, with some worthy trys scored, although the success rate for conversions wasn’t at the same level. As the night drew in, the game came to a close under the floodlights, therefore illuminating the atmosphere at Vicarage Fields. The final score, which was immaterial at the end of the day, was 19-17 to the University side as they triumphed over the Morley XV. The match itself was inspiring, as his parents will surely have been further heartened by the turn out in tribute to Sean.

The Courier this month also features a page in tribute to Sean, which you can find on page 6.

Photo credits for Morley’s Memorial game, as featured online and in the latest print edition, go to Joe Landers.