Michaela Kyrionymou: Well done Nick, you massive chump

REACHING the dizzy heights of number 143 in the charts, our Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this month released his debut single ‘I’m Sorry’. Starring those glazed, expressionless eyes, a lot of head shaking and the odd Emma Watson-inspired eyebrow acting, it’ll surely be an award winner.

This satire video was created by thepoke.co.uk just days after Nick Clegg’s political broadcast in which he apologised for breaking electoral promises, such as raising tuition fees to £9,000.

Auto-tuning has really taken off over the last few years; anything can be tweaked with a base track and a basic computer programme for comedy value.  It’s a shame that the true message of the video is overshadowed by Nick’s continuous head shaking – as if he’s warning us not to believe him again. Then the constant blinking – for goodness sake someone get him to an optician!

Should Clegg be commended for his attitude towards the video, taking it all in good faith? Laughing along with us, it would seem in public anyway. He’s allowed it to be re-released on iTunes, with profits to be given to the Children’s Hospital Charity in his constituency.  But why has he accepted this video so readily? Is it because he feels like his political career after this term is over? Nothing more to lose? The electorate are so upset with his broken promises. Let’s be honest here, this is the man who will go down in the history books as single-handedly destroying his own party.

Undoubtedly, this man has guts.  It’s not often politicians hold their hands up and admit it when they have made a mistake. “There’s no easy way to say this: we made a pledge, we didn’t stick to it – and for that I am sorry.”  Maybe Clegg did the right thing in addressing what we have all been thinking for the past few years about him being a massive sell-out.  Most other political figures wouldn’t have dreamed of speaking so publicly in this way knowing it would spread like wild fire. Most would have ignored any scrutinizing questions, or simply passed the blame onto Mary in Accounting.

Not only has his ego been fatally damaged by having to admit he was wrong, but now his humiliation has been conveniently packaged into the medium of song for all of us commoners to have a good laugh as the Coalition dismantles our country.  We had such respect for this man as his profile rose after the General Election debates back in 2010. These debates earned him respect; people finally considered him as a serious Prime Ministerial candidate.  Now thanks to viral videos, these views are long gone.

The 2010 election promises were a “pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next Parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative.” A policy driven by the hope that his mandate could be found in the desperation of student voters. Educational debt plagues us all, so it was an easy tactic to get us students on board. “A new age of British politics” he said, one without “broken promises” he said. Well done on that Nick, you massive chump. It is evident that this was a policy that the Liberal Democrats were unable to keep. Even one of his Knights of the Yellow Order, Vince Cable on Newsnight, said it was unaffordable.

Is this viral video a new strategy to claim us students back? We love our internet and so, as we’ve shared his video, we have all heard his message. Is he trying to reach out to us again?

“I’m sorry” memorabilia has taken off, first at the Liberal Democrat Conference and soon to be on their website. T-shirts, keyrings and mugs are being sold branded with Clegg and his catchphrase. I can’t decide the intention of these. Is the party clearly indicating their dislike for Clegg or is it a quick Apprentice style profit making scheme to boost (I imagine much-needed) party funding? Who knows if they’ll even exist after 2015? Best maximize profits while they can.

This video is just another one minute wonder. It’s helped portray Clegg’s message to those of us that may not have TVs or wouldn’t be interested in politics otherwise. He’s reached out to us all, unfortunately. All I know is that after listening to the track a million times to write this article, I hope never to hear it again!