Students go to extremes to save money as £9k fees bite

STUDENTS are being forced to go to new levels in the fight to save money as £9,000 tuition fees bite, as suggested in a survey conducted by the website

A recent survey proposes that students will go without hot water, heating and food in order to save cash.

Over a fifth say they have not bought textbooks or other educational materials.

But socialising took the hardest hit, with almost 70% saying they have cut down on nights out.

At the same time, 41% admitted to selling personal items on the web or eBay to make some extra cash, and some are even turning to gambling – 34% of students have bought a lottery ticket, whilst 23% have bought a scratch card and 13% have taken part in sports betting to raise extra funds.

Students are also willing to put their safety at risk at the end of a night out, with 51% of students having risked walking home alone to save money on a taxi fare.

One fifth (20%) have sacrificed hot water or central heating in order to save money whilst at uni, whilst 39% have gone without food.