Fashion Vs Winter Weather

THIS topic has been playing on my mind for quite some time; actually scratch that, I have been thinking about this since I became a teenager and discovered what a miniskirt was (pretty much when my strict Christian parents gave me permission to wear one).

This summer, I was lounging at an open air bar at the Vienna Film Festival wearing a lace top and high waisted shorts. Vienna wasn’t particularly warm that weekend and it had been raining, so naturally everyone was covered. Although my outfit seemed fairly skimpy, I was covered too. I wore a thermal underneath my lace top and tights to cover my ever so long legs in my ever so short shorts and a pair of military boots. Clearly not everyone thought I was being practical, as my German friends decided to point out  how we British girls tend to ‘bare all’ regardless of the season.

This isn’t the first time I have heard this theory. The European guys you see on campus are not too happy by the way we ‘British’ girls dress, and apparently the girls in Europe are not like that. In some ways I agree, it does seem like the colder it gets the more skin we put on show. Nights out in the UK is like a biology lesson discovering all parts of the human body with an added bonus of alcohol and bad club music. Dressing in these daring semi-naked outfits must have some sort of health repercussions. Lets face it, winter isn’t very nice to the human body and exposing yourself to it can lead to pneumonia (coming from some who has had it, its horrific) or even worse, hypothermia; when your body loses more heat than it generates.

So imagine, you are outside in the queue to ‘Why Not Bar’, freezing in your sparkly mini-dress you’ve just bought. When you finally get inside, the low oxygenated atmosphere and heat you encounter leads to hypothermia because the sudden change to temperature becomes too confusing for your body to handle. As scary as it is, people have died from it. All because they decided not to wear a jacket as to avoid  ruining a perfectly planned outfit. Being one of those girls who falls for this every winter, I have argued against my concerned peers and said “It’s fashion!” Besides, after the night is over, there is a warm duvet at home just waiting to be wrapped tightly around me,  so for now just grin and bare it… Secretly at the back of my mind I know its a bad idea to go out without a jacket. So this winter I have come up with the perfect solution which I will share with you.

If you want to wear that dress regardless of how short it may be, wear it!! But **your mums voice** be realistic, it’s going to be freezing outside, so do compromise and take a jacket/coat with you.  And if you are worried it might ruin your outfit, invest in a beautiful coat. That way you still look beautiful on the outside and when you take it off. It may mean spending a pound for the cloakroom, but you will thank yourself when your walking home, warm and cosy in your jacket. Another option is to buy a thick, smart scarf like a Pashmina. Although not even half as effective as a coat/jacket, it will cost you less and will provide a small barrier against the winter wind! Its also small enough to be folded into your handbag saving you that precious pound.  BOOM! You are ready to party!