TV: Doctor Who- The Series So Far

DOCTOR Who returned to us in September with a short five episode run- and what a fun packed run it was! Moffat brought us five individual episodes each with their own standalone plot, something I’m sure some fans will be very happy with, after the negative feedback regarding the complicated wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey nature of series six. The first half of this series was said to be a big send off to the Ponds, and the Who team successfully delivered.

We had five excellent plot lines and top notch performances from Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan which provided excellent blockbuster episodes of fun and excitement for the viewers, from Daleks to dinosaurs to cowboys to mysterious cubes to Weeping Angels. You can’t really ask for better than that, can you? We saw Amy and Rory at their best and really witnessed how their characters have changed and developed since we first met them in 2010.

The series saw a change in all of the main characters. The Doctor, at certain moments, seemed to lose his steady minded conviction and was replaced by a much more reckless and even selfish character in the end, begging Amy to stay and leave Rory. The Ponds, on the other hand, have grown up from their naive following of the Doctor in earlier seasons and were looking to settle, thus laying the seeds for their departure, coupled with looming hints and storylines hinting to the end.

And what an end it was, Moffat succeeded in giving an excellent series finale!  All three main actors in this episode, ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ are excellent. There were a lot of emotional scenes in and they were all acted brilliantly. Karen Gillan particularly showed off how Amy has developed over the years, from her determination to her love for Rory, which led to her choosing him at the cost of never being able to see the Doctor again. And there we have it, the end of Amy and Rory.

Overall the episode was excellent at giving Amy a fitting send off, the suspense and apprehension the Weeping Angels added to the show made for a tension that we have not seen within the rest of the series. We were left wondering whether to feel happy or sad at the end, and in that I believe Moffat has succeeded in creating an excellent mid-series final and end to two beloved companions.

But what’s next?

We have a brand new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, joining the show at Christmas, having already been on the show in the first episode of the season as Oswin Oswald, it is unclear how the actor’s character will be introduced as she is said to play a different character. Whatever happens, it is sure to be mystery until the end and an excellent show to look forward to for Christmas!