April Jones: Timeline of her disappearance

Monday 1 October 19.00
April Jones goes missing whilst playing on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate where she lives in Machynlleth.

Monday 1 October 22.30
As the news of April’s disappearance spreads through social media, volunteers join police in search efforts for April. Police state that April was seen getting into a vehicle.

Tuesday 2 October 8.30
More details of the circumstances of April’s disappearance are released by police as the case gains national attention.

Tuesday 2 October 15.30
Police arrest a 46-year old local man in connection to April’s disappearance. A vehicle owned by the suspect is recovered by police.

Tuesday 2 October 18.00
The suspect is named locally as Mark Bridger.

Tuesday 2 October 21.30
Police release a family statement saying their “lives have been shattered”. Volunteers are asked to rest overnight and join the search for April in the morning.

Wednesday 3 October 10.30
Police confirm that the man they have in custody is Mark Bridger and release an image of him.

Wednesday 3 October 11.30
April’s parents make an emotional plea at a press conference for any information anybody may have.

Wednesday 3 October 18.00
A vigil is held in a church in Machynlleth.

Thursday 4 October 11.00
The search area is widened to encompass villages within 15 miles of Machynlleth. Police are given more time to question Bridger.

Thursday 4 October 12.00
Prime Minister David Cameron and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones issue pleas for anybody with any information to come forward.

Thursday 4 October 17.00
The town of Machynlleth and surrounding areas including Aberystwyth are adorned with pink ribbons, April’s favourite colour, following an appeal from Coral Jones, April’s mother.

Friday 5 October 10.30
Police tell the press that Mark Bridger has been arrested on suspicion of April’s murder.

Friday 5 October 15.30
Bridger appears in Aberystwyth Magistrates Court. Police are granted another 24 hours to question him.

Saturday 6 October 16.00
Police announce that they are charging Mark Bridger with the abduction and murder of April Jones. An additional charge of perverting the course of justice is also announced. Police are keen to state that despite the charges, the search for April will continue.

Monday 8 October 9.30
Mark Bridger appears at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court to be read his charges. He spoke to confirm his name and address, and that he understood the charges. He was remanded in custody. After the hearing Superintendent Ian John said “we have to prepare for the time when we accept that we might never find April”.

Monday 8 October 16.00
Matthew Woods, 20, from Chorley is jailed for twelve weeks at Chorley Magistrates Court for comments made on Facebook about April.

Monday 8 October 19.30
Lanterns are released by the local communities in Machynlleth and Aberystwyth to mark a week since April’s disappearance. Roadblocks are set up around Machynlleth as the police hope to jog the memories of those who may have seen anything on the night of April’s disappearance.

Wednesday 10 October 9.30
Mark Bridger appears in Caernarfon Crown Court via videolink from the Manchester prison where he is being held. No application for bail was made and Bridger was remanded in custody. The case was adjourned until 11 January 2013 whilst investigations continue.