Alumni-funded floodlights unveiled

Newly installed floodlights at Vicarage FieldsCLUBS and the community of Aberystwyth are to benefit from a brand-new development in the sporting facilities at the University. The improvements will see portable floodlights available for use at Blaendolau, Vicarage and Pantycelyn fields.

The floodlights, costing in the region of £11,000, tested at Vicarage Fields on Llanbadarn Road will provide a floodlit facility, being the only of its kind in the entirety of Aberystwyth. Sports Administrator Gavin Allen is keen to see the facilities used as much and as soon as possible.

“I didn’t want these floodlights to be gathering dust in my office or somewhere else, I want them to be used, by football and rugby clubs at the University but also by the community and we’re keen to get them involved too.”

Allen also paid tribute to the alumni funding process that made this possible.

“We’ve been able to make this purchase due to alumni funding, and it was a proposal that has been supported from the off, it’s a type of facility that is lacking in the area currently and at the University we are keen to utilise these facilities as much as possible and this enables us to do that.”

Details of how clubs and community sports groups can hire out the floodlights will be released in due course.