Missing 5 year old April Jones generates huge search effort

A MASSIVE search effort is underway following the apparent disappearance of April Jones, a 5 year old girl, from Machynlleth last night.

Police report that the girl was seen getting into a light-coloured van-type vehicle at around 7pm on Monday evening.

In a news conference at 12pm today, the senior police officer described the occurrence as an “abduction”

April was last seen playing with her friend on their bikes near to garages in the town, on the estate on which she lives.

A Facebook event set up to draw attention to the search for April had over 15,000 attendees at 12pm today, and a Facebook page had as many “likes”.

Hundreds of people gathered at a leisure centre in Machynlleth last night and a local petrol station re-opened to provide fuel and supplies to searchers. More people have gathered to resume the search today.

Police officers were using dogs to search the surrounding countryside and roadblocks were setup overnight.

  • Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 0300 2000 333