Top five Autumn/Winter trends this season

FOR WOMEN, this season is all about embellishment, prints, leather and generally making each outfit you wear stand out. It’s all about the maximalist.
Gone are the demure pastel shades of summer, instead you’ll be seeing a lot of rich, strong jewel colours; purple, red, gold and green.
Replace last seasons lace collars with studded leather ones; think grunge, military and Goth. If you’ve walked into Topshop recently you’ll see how crosses seem to be gracing every outfit – they’re everywhere.
However, try not to follow the crowd. Be inspired by the trends, but don’t follow them to the letter. Create your own statement and style. Stand out in your own way.
As Yves Saint-Laurent said ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’. Here are some of the main trends this season.

Delicate belted waists

Small waist belts have graced the catwalks at fashion week, they are everywhere this autumn. Although mostly modest and plain, some styles had small bows attached for a delicate touch; keep your layers together this season with autumn /winter’s ‘must-have’ 2012 accessory.
A style idea for you: Midi skirts are another fashion trend this season. Try pairing a high wasted midi skirt adorned with a simple cardigan, a waist belt and ankle boots.


Prints dominated the catwalk during fashion week. London set the trend with Mary Katrantzou leading the way with her incredibly complex digital prints created with every shade of colour under the sun. Whether it’s patterned chunky knits or a sweater with an embroidered owl on the front, this is a style you need to invest in if your desire is to be bang on trend this autumn.

Embellishment and textures

As well as prints, embellishment has a large part to play this season. It’s all about creating texture and making your outfits stand out from the crowd.
In New York, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren showed exactly how to achieve this trend by dominating the catwalk with rich velvet trouser suits, feathers and fur.
However, it was Dolce and Gabbana that really experimented with textures the most. The collection consisted of baroque patterns, flowers and black lace. It was a beautiful example of how embellishment can be elegant and demure rather than over the top and eccentric.
Talking of velvet, Gucci had this
beautiful fabric gracing almost every piece in their collection. If you’re going to invest in one fashion trend this autumn, make sure it’s made of velvet. I have my velvet blazer at the ready!

Luxe Leather

As Anne Hathaway showed audiences across the world, in The Dark Knight Rises, a touch of leather can add power and punch to any outfit. Just be careful not to go over the top! An all-in-one leather suit may have been acceptable for Catwoman but you may give some of the Aberystwyth locals a fright wearing that out in town!
If you’re a bit scared about attempting to wear such a bold material, take it slow to start with. Many high-street shops are selling shirts with leather collars. Try pairing the shirt with a chunky knit, the collar buttoned up and sticking out and you’ll create an air of geek chic rather than biker chick.
Black leather jackets are everywhere in the high-street shops. Try and go against the trend and instead of buying a black leather jacket, go for a grey or green one; there’s loads of choice!

Men’s fashion

A little note to the men out there, get some animal prints in your wardrobe. I’m not talking about leopard print or zebra stripes… the trend this season is to grace t-shirts and jumpers with pictures of animals on the front- sharks, dinosaurs, owls, even jellyfish! Go wild this autumn and buy this statement piece for your wardrobe.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to start getting a few key pieces for your winter wardrobe. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, check out websites’ autumn/winter collections. High-street stores such as Zara,
Topshop and Urban Outfitters have galleries featuring their own clothing range; it’s a great way to get inspiration for your own look and style.