On TV: Grimm

THE FIRST season (or series for us Brits) of Grimm started in October 2011 on NBC in the US and mid-February 2012 on Watch over here in the UK. I guess most people haven’t heard much about this new show here in the UK but it’s starting to become a big hit in the US. The cast don’t seem overly familiar or well-known but they are excellent, bringing the characters alive in a way in which means you then start to care about them throughout the series.

If you have no idea what this show is about get ready to pay attention. It’s set in present day Portland in Oregon. The focal concept of the show is to put a twist on the old fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm (hence the name of the show). The main character, Nick, is a homicide detective and in the first episode we learn along with Nick that he is a ‘Grimm’. He is a descendent from groups of hunters who fight supernatural creatures (some creepier than others, so you might need a pillow to hide behind for some episodes) and they keep all of humanity safe. We go through this journey with him, meeting new creatures in each episode. Although each episode is a new story line there are continuous plots throughout the series.

The writers of the series have a good outlook on how to maintain suspense throughout an episode and keep you on the edge of your seat. The actors seem to have developed very strong and independent characters which you start to love more with each episode. Although the tension within the episodes keep you glued to the screen, it’s not hard to predict what the outcome is going to be. Each episode has a different story but you know the outcome before it finishes, once you’ve seen a few of episodes you can see the pattern they follow.

Although the whole layout of the series isn’t perfect and it might take you a few episodes to get into the whole story, I would recommend giving this show a watch. The characters are very relatable and lovable, but knowing that everything will probably turn out okay in the end kind of puts a dampener on things- everyone loves a good cliff hanger, after all. I would say to try and watch three or four episodes to see if you get into it. If you’re loving the whole fairytale theme at the moment then definitely put this on your list of what to watch! You never know, you might end up wasting a whole day catching up with the first series in preparation for the second that should be out over here in the UK by the start of next year.