Aberystwyth tips

IF you’re new to Aberystwyth, you’re in for a treat. Aber, as you’ll soon come to call it, has the highest student satisfaction ratings in the world, and it’s down to the town as much as it is the University. Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your first few weeks.

Shop carefully

It’s easy to blow hundreds of pounds in your first week or two, and before you know it you’ll be Skyping your parents begging for cash. So be careful how much you’re spending – only get out as much as you need for a night out, try not to buy random things that you see during the week and try to shop at bigger supermarkets if you can – CKs might be easier to get to but Morrisons’ prices make the short bus journey worth it.

Join some clubs and societies

If you just hang around with your flatmates, you’re going to get bored of them sooner or later. Come to the Clubs and Societies Fayres on Tuesday and Wednesday of Freshers Week and see what takes your fancy (don’t forget to join your favourite student media society!) You’ll be amazed how quickly you get to make new friends, and have some amazing (if slightly drunken) experiences! It’s not all about drinking though – most societies offer quieter non-alcoholic socials as well, and remember you don’t have to drink your body weight in alcohol every time you go out.

Register at the National Library… and have a look round

In Freshers Week it doesn’t sound like a huge priority, but the National Library is a resource that very few universities in the UK have. As you now live in Aberystwyth for 9 months of the year, you can register as a “Reader” and get access to their huge collection of resources – they have every book ever published in the UK! You can start the registration process online by clicking here (you can use your Uni email account but don’t use the same password – it’ll lock you out) and then you just need to pop down to the National Library, off Penglais Hill, and get your card. Now, when you suddenly need a copy of a book a few days before a deadline and they have the only copy, you won’t have to worry about registering!

Walk up Constitution Hill

Aberystwyth has plenty of hills. Penglais (that’s “pen-glice”, not “pen-glays”!) is the main one, with the University at the top. Constitution Hill is at the south end of town, and has a white hut and railway running up to the top. It’s well worth the walk up to get an amazing view of the place that’ll be your new home for the next three years – and don’t forget to take your camera!