Girl in Guild President photo controversy speaks out

In an exclusive interview with The Courier, the girl in the photo at the heart of the recent controversy has spoken out against the accusations made towards Ben Meakin.

She said:  ”It’s absolutely laughable. This situation is absolutely laughable.”

Commenting on the photograph itself, she claims the angle makes it look like she is closer, and she was “about a foot” away from him, with her hands covering her face.

“I’ve participated in every superteams since I was in the first year. At the end of the day the doors to academy weren’t locked, you didn’t have to stay there. No one was forced to do anything. If you felt peer pressure, I’m really sorry but we’re all over 18 and you could easily say no.”

She also said that there was someone at the event who made the decision to leave because they felt pressured into joining activities which they felt inappropriate.