Feature: Mental health

Mental health issues are an often overlooked aspect of University life. Although national campaigns by charities such as Mind or B-eat attempt to increase awareness and dispel stigmas, the general knowledge of mental health disorders does not seem to go beyond the label of conditions such as ‘OCD’ or ‘depression’. In this feature, we hope to raise awareness of some of the problems affecting students, what services are available in Aberystwyth, as well as providing a space for people’s experiences whilst at University.

We recently set up a page on our website at abercourier.com, to allow people to post anonymously about their experiences of mental health disorders and their opinion on the services on offer. Thanks to all the people who posted, we are able to present a broad range of opinions on the state of mental health in Aber. However, it’s important to note that the NHS definitions and people’s opinions we have selected for this piece can vary a lot depending on the individual, as mental health is obviously an intensely personal and subjective issue. (The full comments can be found here)

With 1 in 4 people suffering from mental health issues and 4% of students seeking counselling services it is an important and relevant topic, not only for those afflicted, but also those closest to them such as friends, family and flat mates.