The Courier delivers: more coaches on trains this Christmas

STUDENTS trying to get home in the rush this Christmas will have their lives made much easier – by The Courier asking for more coaches to be put on the busiest trains before Christmas.

This time last year, students faced desperate scenes as some were forced to sit on tables for two hours after Arriva failed to cope with the huge numbers, which were caused in part by the massive snowfall and cancellation of the National Express coach service. Some students couldn’t even get on the 17:30 train and had to wait two hours in the snow for the next one.

This year, Arriva Trains have pledged to meet the needs of students and will be providing four coaches, instead of the usual two, on the six services they think will be the busiest. They will run all four coaches all the way to Shrewsbury – meaning that students won’t have to move coaches at Machynlleth, as has happened in the past.



15:30, 17:30, 19:30  Thursday 15th and

Friday 16th December