Curtain Call

Curtain Call committee member Beth Garden, talks about being a Social Sec, her society’s plans for Christmas and how to get involved!


I am, and always have been, a walking contradiction.

This article’s title is a significant example of that.

Social situations of any kind terrify me, so that’s why I found it highly amusing and a great honour when I was voted as one of Curtain Call’s Social Secretaries.

If you’re reading this and thinking “what the hell is Curtain Call?”, then firstly, shame on you, and secondly, we are THE definitive Aberystwyth University Musical Theatre Society. And we’re awesome.

To give you a bit of a run-down of what it is that we do, I’m going to describe a few events and rehearsals plus give details of the run up to a project we’re currently working on.

So Nov 13th, for example, from half 11 (I was a half-hour late) to half 1, we rehearsed the Time Warp for our upcoming Christmas Showcase. This basically involved our choreographer and Events Sec, Cat, teaching us “a jump to the left, and then a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight” and to bring our knees in tight. It’s all good fun, until the guys start getting rampant with each other in a serious case of ‘bro-love’.

I like to think we’re all a really tight group of people who at the same time love welcoming new members and encouraging their talent and giving everyone an equal opportunity to display that talent to audiences and friends.

We are planning on five showcases this year, one of which has already passed (our Freshers’ Showcase) and one, as I mentioned, already in production. We’ve also got a Five Year Celebration of the successful shows Curtain Call has done in the past happening next year, including songs from Little Shop of Horrors, The Full Monty and last year’s show, Rent. The next showcase after Christmas will be a promotional event for our forthcoming musical, Spring Awakening, which is being directed by our Vice President, Abbie, and which I’m in. (Yay!)

Rehearsals are going very well. After the aforementioned showcase rehearsals, the Spring cast headed on back to rehearse the scene and song ‘Touch Me’, which is looking great, before we all went over to support Sam and Chris’ set at the Rummers open mic night.

If you do happen to pop along to see us perform at Christmas on the 8th Dec in the Union, we’ll be giving everyone a sneak peek of Spring Awakening, so we’d really appreciate support and interest before the show starts its run in February.

Our next social will be Tues 29th, and the theme is Rodgers and Hammerstein, so I’m thinking a cowgirl look for Oklahoma is going to be a good option.

For any information on the general happenings of Curtain Call and what we do or if you want to get involved, contact our President, Will Alder, wfa9, our Vice President, Abbie Bird, axb9, or our Events Sec, Catherine Deering, chd11.