Are The Wombles making a comeback?

A FEW weeks ago I was given the chance to interview The Wombles about theirThe Wombles CD cover upcoming Christmas single and album. No one’s heard much from them over the past few years and as they’re going to be spreading the Christmas cheer better than another X Factor clone, I thought, why not? Big up The Wombles!

Why are you re-releasing the single now? What was your inspiration?

It hasn’t been re-released since it was first out in 1975, and we felt it was quite a nice jolly single to put out in these austere times and perhaps cheer a few people up!

How do you think you’re going to do? The single only reached number 2 before, why do you think you’ll make it to number one this time?

We never said it would make number one, and let’s face it, with X Factor, we don’t stand much of a chance. Just to have a smallish hit would be nice.  Number one would be even nicer though! Great Uncle Bulgaria says it’s number one in his office, so that’s something! (We are VERY big in Wimbledon).

What do you make of The X Factor’s current Christmas number one run?

We think it means that everyone else is competing for number two, because no-one else has the rather unfair advantage of such a long prime time TV slot, but we Wombles don’t worry about things like that. We just get out onto the common and do some press-ups, then we feel better. (That answer was by Tomsk)

What do you think of TV talent shows?

We don’t watch much TV. Madame Cholet likes “Saturday Morning Kitchen” but that’s not a talent show. We think there’s a place for talent shows but there are rather too many of them. Tobermory thinks people should be growing vegetables and picking up litter rather than wasting time doing juggling and stuff.

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

Madame Cholet is cooking a vegetarian Turkey. Finding a turkey that’s a vegetarian is difficult, and of course catching them is difficult.

Do you consider yourselves a novelty act?

We think of ourselves as an albums act that got lost along the way and people think we are a novelty act because of the way we look, which is a bit Lookist. We can’t help that we don’t look like humans – even though we are rather glad of it. We seem to be able to get away with walking around without any trousers on, which is quite novel.

Have you enjoyed being reunited to record the album?

We’ve been working for 30 years on our next studio album, – a record we think that has only been equalled by Fleetwood Mac. In the meantime, until it’s ready, the album we are putting out at Christmas has 20 of the VERY BEST of our older tracks, all lovingly re-mastered. We hope you like it!