1Stop Lettings lose landlords over honest housing tips

1Stop Lettings (Aber) Limited have released a statement on Facebook recently, stating that the list of student properties they were planning on releasing on December 1st may be rather sparse, as nine of their properties, from two different landlords, have withdrawn from their books after they published the guide for students when looking for a property in the private sector in the town. The two landlords concerned delivered one stop lettings an ultimatum – remove the guide or these properties would be withdrawn.

In their statement they said: “We will not bend our morals to accept landlords and will continue to make sure you are informed. If we find some honest landlords with student accommodation we will let you know.”

The guide offered basic advice to students and also provided some prompting questions for students to ask landlords before signing any contract – since tenancy contracts are legally binding.

The overwhelming advice seems to be take it steady, read the small print and make sure you are comfortable with your potential house mates.

This news came at a time when the Guild are running a campaign entitled “Fools Rush In” to try and dispel the myth often perpetuated in Aberystwyth that housing will run out rapidly and that you need to enter into the first contract you come across in order to have somewhere to live next year.