Aberystwyth club review

With 30 pubs and 3 nightclubs, in Aberystwyth you’re never more than five minutes away from a drink! The large variety of pubs and clubs offer different atmospheres and you will soon decide your personal favorite (it will probably become your second home – you realise this when staff know your name, drink order and what course you’re studying). In each edition of The Courier I will aim to provide you with knowledge of the ‘Aber’ nightlife, after all socialising is the most important part of your degree! Pubs aside, this issue I’m going to talk to you about the nightclubs in Aberystwyth, as these are more than likely where you’ll be spending the most time in Fresher’s week!

Pier Pressure, this intelligently named nightclub is located on the pier (very handy for all those living in town or in the

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure

seafront residences). It is incredibly popular among many students mainly for its Tuesday pound party – which means it is actually £1.20 for drinks and some bottles.  However many find the music played here not there particular taste, it plays a combination of chart hits with classic cheese such as Barbie girl. Although it is a nice environment providing shelter for smokers overlooking the sea, seating for those who aren’t interested in demonstrating there extensive knowledge of Barbie Girl and a huge dance floor area for those who are. You’re not allowed drinks on the dance floor, as you will probably find out after being approached by a bouncer, but you’re allowed to drink in the areas around the dance floor. Pier Pressure features two bars at each end of the building and a cloakroom on entrance. Many often aim to be in before 12am with a hand-stamp from ‘Inn on the Pier’ located just a few doors away from Pier entrance, purchasing a shot there first and gaining the hand-stamp allows you to get into Pier Pressure for cheaper.


Y Not, formerly known as Yoko’s, therefore if you hear Yoko’s being bantered around and wondering where it is, it’s the same place. Unlike Pier-Pressure it is open all week, with free entry every day except Saturday but even then, you receive student discount with your student card. Although it is great deal smaller, the music played by DJ is more up to date and often features remixed popular tracks and club favourites. Again if coming from a big city, Y Not is small but manages to feature a dance floor, seating area, two different bars and a cloakroom. Which all make is a popular place for societies and sports clubs to go. Drinks deals include pound party prices on selected drinks and shots if purchased before 12.30am. The smoking area is located near the entrance to the club itself, and all entrants should be provided with a hand-stamp allowing them to just walk back in without queuing. It is often a good idea to get the hand-stamp early on in your evening to prevent queuing later as it does get rather busy. Look out for Y Not’s special events too, often they host foam parties throughout the year, although at a price they are always good fun!


The Union, The Union is open throughout the week and the easiest way to find the best deals, what’s happening and when is via Facebook. The Union splits itself in two featuring ‘Bar 9’ and ‘The Joint’, both serving the same drinks, the only difference is that ‘Bar 9’ offers a seating area whereas ‘The Joint’ is regarded as the dance floor. The Union is incredibly popular in fresher’s week and often puts on different events and sometimes artists; you can witness everything from hypnotists to the return of S Club 3. Drinks are often considered at there cheapest at the union as popular nights such as ‘buy one get one free’ night and ‘The Exchange’ feature frequently throughout the year and are a popular stop off for sports clubs and societies. Many prefer The Union to the other clubs in town as it is strictly for students and is a more relaxed environment, those who live on Penglais Campus will find the location of The Union particularly useful! Entry prices differ depending on the event, there are many fancy dress events and foam parties to look forward to and although you pay more to get in, you make the money back on the price you pay for drinks!

Students Guild

The Union